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COURSES for 2019 - Book your place now as courses are strictly limited to a maximum of 8 students.


JULY - AUGUST 2019Dates: TBA

Overview: As a photo educator I have been running these courses for over 20 years and many of my previous students are now working in their chosen field of photography.

The course covers a broad range of subjects and is designed to provide students with a balanced understanding of, and experience in, a variety of commercial photography applications and in the latest digital photography techniques.

This 8 week course condenses knowledge and insider tips & techniques from my extensive experience in commercial photography into a comprehensive 8 week course which will give you the skills to pursue your own photographic business and career and/or to improve your photography up to a professional standard.
Classes are limited to small sizes (Max of 8 students) to ensure each student is given personalised tuition.

Pro Photographer Course - Learning Outcomes
Over the eight Saturdays we will cover a variety of subjects which will provide you with the knowledge to improve your photography and assist you in turning professional.

This course is for people who have a Digital SLR or Film SLR camera and have a basic understanding of the camera and it's controls but need to improve their knowledge to progress to a professional standard of photography.

PART ONE - (4 Weeks)
During the first part of the course we will look at the fundamentals of photography such as; understanding the camera’s manual controls (including focusing correctly), understanding and knowing when to use aperture priority and shutter priority, understanding depth of field and how to utilise it, understanding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how to use these combinations correctly, learning to use a hand held light/flash meter and camera light meter correctly, choosing and using the correct focal length (lens) for a subject, learning how and when to use flash and other artificial light, understanding white balance, learning the different file formats and when and how to make use of the RAW file format.
We also start to look at how to control and use light, both natural and artificial.

PART TWO - (4 Weeks) - includes professional model shoots.
Now that you are fully conversant with and confident in the techniques outlined in Part One (which are essential in understanding the techniques in Part Two) we look at more advanced techniques over the last four weeks and expand on the fundamentals that you have learned in Part One of the course.
You will learn posing & lighting techniques, using natural light, Studio Flash and 'Speedlites®' (portable flash equipment).
In this part of the course you will be working with professional models in the studio and on location.
You will also learn techniques for photographing people (including children), products, landscape, real estate and weddings.
In part two of the course you will also learn how to use Photoshop® & Lightroom® with digital photography, to improve your workflow, edit and correct images and print correctly.
We also cover what equipment is required for professional photography and how to market yourself as a professional photographer and run a photography business, including copyright and the law governing photography practice.

Because we have small classes (MAXIMUM 8 STUDENTS PER CLASS) we are able to adapt the course to suit students on a more personal level, therefore the above is just a basic outline of subjects covered and we may expand on certain areas if needed or give less time to some areas if students already have a good understanding of the subject and are agreeable to change.

The course is very practical and "hands on" and therefore much of the theory side of the course will need to be completed outside course times - reading materials are provided and it is suggested that you read each subject at home during the week, for discussion at the start of the next session.
During the course I would like you to complete certain assignments and produce a portfolio of your work. This is not compulsory but would be very beneficial to you. I am happy to comment on your work and offer advice on putting together a portfolio and/or marketing your images.

If you are interested in joining an upcoming course please contact me for more information.