“Signing up for Peter Brown’s photography course has been one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had.
I completed the ‘Pro Photographer’ and the ‘Photoshop for Photographers’ courses earlier this year. I absolutely loved it!
I started the first ‘Pro Photographer’ lesson only knowing the very basics and up until that point, I was unhappy with the photos I had taken. I now feel that my photographs are something worth showing.
With ‘Photoshop for Photographers’ I had no experience with Lightroom and almost none with Photoshop - with Peter’s guidance it wasn’t long before I had grasped the concept and started experimenting.
Knowing how to use Lightroom and Photoshop has given me endless possibilities that I didn’t even know existed before. Peter is a great teacher who was encouraging and professional in his approach. He offered constructive criticism, was easy to talk to and was very helpful and patient whenever I had a problem or question.
The classes were detailed, interesting and lots of fun and I found myself getting involved in all aspects of photography. With each lesson I could feel myself growing more & more confident, so much so, that I am now starting my own business working as a photographer.”
Carly Stout - Cairns

"Peter is a great tutor.
He is very courteous and professional and structures the course to the needs of his students. He provides notes to fall back on and the fun part is the days out on location, giving you even more of an insight to shooting like a pro.
The course is worth every dollar spent. I didn't have all my equipment before taking the course and it has saved me thousands of dollars giving me the education to purchase the "right" gear for the job and better still how to improvise for your budget.
He guides you to making the right choices to your needs. I am now a paid photographer with some of my work already up on billboards. Anybody wanting to better their skills and live their passion in photography - this course is for you and comes highly recommended.
Thank you Peter."
Rebecca Boys - Cairns

Hi Peter, I just wanted to touch base to thank you for sharing your knowledge of photography & providing us with an interesting & hands-on course.
I feel like I have walked away with a much broader understanding of photography & a heightened level of passion to learn more. I'm continuing to put what you have taught us into practise with the goal in mind of eventually taking it to a professional level.
At some stage down the track I would be interested in some private tuition to see how I'm progressing. I'm looking at buying some new toys over time, a tripod, several lenses, the 5D Canon & some accessories and was hoping you might be able to recommend some on-line sites to get me started.
Thanks Peter,
Megan Cox - Cairns